Greetings to all at Forest Lake Lodge. Once again I would like to thank you for a wonderful vacation and fishing trip. For more than 20 years your family has made me feel at home staying at your lodge, not to mention the wonderful meals, great fishing and comfortable accommodations.
In the years past I have wonderful memories staying and fishing at your lodge with friends and family, so when I was blessed with two sons I couldn't wait until they were old enough to bring up to share and create memories together that we will have and cherish for many years to come.
Thank you for your service and friendship!
Tom Lenort

We've been going to Forest Lake Lodge since September 1970 when we were introduced by a friend of ours.
Now I'd like to introduce you to Forest Lake Lodge.
Mary, Gordon, Blair and Tasha, our owners, our hosts, guides and fine cooks, if you go on the American Plan. There is also housekeeping cottages. It's like coming home to your extended family, and renewing great friendships. Then the icing on the cake, so to speak, is that chain of lakes you are on which has Small Mouth Bass, Walleye, Muskie, Lake Trout, and the new hybrid, Norski. It is a cross between a muskie and a northern; a beautiful fish and a great fighting catch, like all fishing, it is a sport.
Sometimes you win and sometimes the fish wins, but you will have a marvelous time.
George Wesesku
In 1985 I went on a fishing trip to Canada, with 3 other buddies, to an off the road family resort. Once I got there I knew I did not have to look any further. I had found a very nice family run camp, located on a chain of 5 different lakes that provided very good to excellent Walleye, Muskie, Lake Trout and Small Mouth Bass fishing. In the last several years, Northerns have made it into this chain and we are starting to catch them.
I could not wait for my wife, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends to enjoy the fishing, peace, solitude and mother nature of this place. Many have joined me in sharing this place and these waters over the years.
I have been coming back every year since then; spending 1 to 5 weeks fishing each year at this fantastic camp.
You can not beat the accommodations, hot and cold running water, toilets, showers, ovens, refrigerators, electricity, heat, docks, fish cleaning house with freezer, etc.
If you want to fish the best, then this is the place. It is the best value for your dollar that you will find.
Remember, "it's not the fishin', it's the time together". That is what is important.
Curt Hedstrom
Burnsville, MN
We have been coming to Forest Lake for about twelve years. This is a lodge run by a fisherman for fishermen. It is located about 20 miles north of Vermilion Bay on Gordon Lake Road. It is in a remote location far enough away to provide total seclusion. There are eight lakes each with their own personality. The fishing opportunities would seem almost endless with walleye, musky, lake trout, smallmouth, northern and whitefish. The fishing is amazing with the type and number of fish. It rivals many fly in camps. The camp is very comfortable with cabins built in the old fashioned style of the Northwoods. Each supports close proximity to the boat basin. Slip space is provided for each boat with its own electrical outlet for charging batteries. Their web page is the first advertising they have done in their 70 year history. The fact that they are serving third and fourth generations of families, speaks volumes about their service. Meals are homemade and generous. Perhaps the best pie maker in the world lives at this resort. The lodge is truly a no-nonsense place with everything a fisherman might ever want. Therrien's is a great experience. We have referred many people to the lodge. All of them have returned thanking us for a wonderful trip. If you would like information from a first-hand client, contact us at 630-289-3604 or NoGotz@comcast.net.
Greg and Sandy Kascewicz
Hanover Park, IL